120 Years Ago Today: Have you Seen These Men?

Pinkerton circular published 8/5/1901.

NARA 26335066. (Click to big up to a more readable size)

“This item consists of a wanted poster issued by Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency offering a $6,500 reward for the capture of Robert Leroy Parker, also known as George Parker and as Butch Cassidy; Harry Alonzo Longabaugh, also known as Harry Longbaugh and as the Sundance Kid; Harvey Alexander Logan, also known as Kid Curry; and Orlando Camillo Hanks, also known as Deaf Charley. The poster was issued in response to a robbery of the Great Northern Railway Express Train Number 3 that took place July 3, 1901, and contains information relating to the crime as well as to the physical descriptions, biographies, and associations of the alleged perpetrators.”

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