Mountain Gun Surfaces in the Jungle

What looks to be a Japanese Type 41 75mm Mountain Gun was recently unearthed by locals on Tarakan East Borneo/Kalimantan.

While the recoil mechanism is rusted through, the tube itself looks to be in comparatively good shape judging by the rifling.

Light at just 1,200-pounds with its carriage, and easy to move around by human power if needed, the Type 41 was a license-built copy of the Krupp M1908 mountain gun produced at the Osaka Arsenal. Although a dated design, it still proved very useful to the Emperor’s foot soldiers in remote jungle and atoll fighting. 

Japanese Type 41 75mm Mountain Gun captured by Marines

Firing a 12~ pound shell, they had an effective maximum range out to about 8,000 yards. For easy transport in rough areas, it could be disassembled into six loads and fastened to pack saddle.

From the looks of it, the gun was likely abandoned in place and/or buried just before or after VJ Day.

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