Lemmy & Dusty underway in the Orient

Accompanying the German frigate Bayern (F217) on IDP 21-22, the ship’s historic seven-month/30,000-mile Indo-Pacific Deployment is a small force of 11 Seebataillon Marines for VBSS purposes along with a Marineflieger detachment of two 1990s-vintage Westland WG-13 Super Lynx MK88a ASW helicopters. The Lynxes are Serial 415 Register 83+17 (“Lemmy”) and Serial 397 Register 83+26 (“Dusty”).

Great shot of the Bayern standing off Mt. Fuji with Lemmy and Dusty airborne. The Germans plan to replace the aging Lynxes with new NH90 Sea Tigers in the next few years, BTW

While the helicopters left Germany back in August without nose art, they have since gotten a lot saltier while underway in the Der Ost.

These images were captured by sharp-eyed Japanese shutterbug Seasons4100 last week while Bayern was at the Tokyo International Cruise Terminal.

Yup, Lemmy as in the Motorhead frontman and Dusty as in Joe Michael “Dusty” Hill of ZZ Top fame, both recently passed.

Although Dusty is carrying some likely NSFW nose art, possibly a tribute to the ZZ Top song “Crimson Witch.”

It should be of no surprise that, when the German Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Japan, Dr. Clemens von Goetze, led a Japanese delegation on board for a nighttime reception, the Marines were strategically placed in front of the nose art.

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