Smith goes 10!

Smith & Wesson used to make really good semi-auto 10mm pistols, the 1000-series of third-gen autoloaders.

The S&W 1006, along with variants to include the 1026, 1046, 1066, 1076/FBI model (shown above), and 1086, were produced in the 1990s and left behind as the popularity of 10mm declined for a generation.

However, the company on Tuesday announced a return to the caliber with a new series of M&P M2.0 pistols chambered in 10mm Auto.

The centimeter M&Ps will be available in both 4-inch and 4.6-inch barreled formats with optics-ready slides and optional thumb safety variants. Further, the pistols boast a 15+1 capacity and use Smith’s brand new M2.0 flat-face trigger design, which the company says is designed to optimize trigger finger placement to allow for more consistent and accurate shooting. All models include an optics cut slide using Smith’s C.O.R.E. system and have optic/suppressor height white dot sights in addition to the optics plate.

They ship with two 15-round double-stack magazines and have an MSRP between $654 and $665 depending on the model, setting the new Smith up to challenge the 4.6-inch Glock 20 and 3.78-inch Glock 29 directly.

Glock should probably be worried.

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