About that NGFS at Okinawa

With this being April, we are reminded of the anniversary of the launch of Operation Iceberg– the invasion of Okinawa, the grueling 82-day “typhoon of steel” that was the prelude to the– gratefully canceled– amphibious landings on the core Japanese home islands.

For an easy (and easy to share) graphic on the campaign, check out this from the NHHC.

Click to big up 1582×2048

But what we are really here for is this outstanding 20-minute Restricted 1946 film analyzing the effect of naval gunfire support during Iceberg. It includes lots of details and footage of USS Tuscaloosa (CA-37) and LSM(R)s in action as well as destroyers, battle wagons and the like. 

One other chart to keep in mind when speaking of April 1945:

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