Maxim Goes 22, Quietly

Folks have been turning the Ruger .22LR pistol into a suppressed specialty piece for generations. Heck, back when I got my first Form 4 approved over 20 years ago, it was for a dinky TAC65 can that I put on a circa 1950s Ruger Standard courtesy of a screw-on threaded coupler.

Going far past screw jobs, integrally suppressed Ruger 22 pistols are wicked quiet, like sub-BB gun sounding with standard velo ammunition and “Hollywood quiet” with subsonics. Mark Serbu, the Tampa Bay Wonka of gun craft, started his business making such guns even before he gained fame with the Serbu Super Shorty.

Dubbed the Serbu Sirius, it was a Ruger Mark II that had been completely rebuilt and I got to play with one back when I toured Serbu’s shop back in 2019.

Now, continuing the tradition it would seem, Maxim Defense is bringing in a whole line of suppressors and as part of that push has debuted its first .22LR pistol, and in traditional Maxim fashion, it isn’t ordinary.

The new Maxim MKIV-SD is based on the Ruger MKIV platform, which the company terms the “finest modern .22LR pistol in the world,” and adds an integrated suppressor it bills as the “quietest purpose-built suppressor in category with the easiest maintainability.”

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