Montreal with a Bone

In the great image below, recently released by the Royal Canadian Navy, you see the 5,000-ton Halifax-class patrol frigate HMCS Montréal (FFH 336) flanked by her embarked CH-148 Cyclone helicopter (Sikorsky S-92) while on NATO Op Reassurance.

You gotta love a great “bone in the teeth” shot

Commissioned in 1994 and based at CFB Halifax in Nova Scotia, Montreal and her companion Cyclone are currently assigned to Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 along with a single shore-based Royal Canadian Air Force CP-140 Aurora (P-3C Orion with the ASW gear of an S-3A Viking) detached from No. 405 Squadron RCAF out of CFB Greenwood.


  • During the past week or so, the LSOZI posts have been opening rather strangely on my phone.
    Being on the bounce, I hadn’t had time to look at your site, but they also open quite reduced on my laptop.
    Thought I’d mention it, if it’s on your end.


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