Sig Sauer Has 2 New (but very different) M400 Rifles

The New Hampshire-based small arms giant has turned its eyes to its direct impingement 5.56 NATO AR-15 beanstalk and shook out a pair of new M400 series rifles. This gives us the new M400 Tread Predator 2.0 and M400 SDI X-SERIES.

M400 Tread Predator 2.0, top, and M400 SDI X-SERIES, bottom

The M400 Tread Predator 2.0, as the name would imply, is the second generation of the M400 Tread Predator hunting carbine that now has the same flat-blade 2-stage trigger as seen on the new SDI X-SERIES rifle, and a Magpul Lite PRS stock. It also comes with a kind of eye-catching Cerakote Jungle coating. As it doesn’t have a flash hider and runs a 5-round mag, odds are it can probably be sold in at least some states that frown on “black rifles.”

Meanwhile, If the “X-SERIES” sound familiar, Sig uses that name for its optimized P320 pistols that include lightening cuts and high-speed features. To live up to that, the M400 SDI X-SERIES includes a flat-blade 2-stage trigger, lightened receivers, and a 16-inch 1:7 barrel.

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