Tooth to Tail Ratio

The United States Military Academy at West Point may have only a nine percent acceptance rate but they have an 85 percent graduation rate, offering undergrad degrees across 36 majors and 19 minor options. Marking its 220th anniversary this year, the school is the oldest service academy not only in the U.S. but in the hemisphere.

Earlier this month, West Point’s 944 Army-accepted “Firsties” (seniors) attended Branch Night, learning their branch assignments among the service’s 17 branches and receiving its corresponding insignia.

Of interest is the breakdown, as follows:

  • Infantry: 185
  • Field Artillery: 146
  • Engineers: 122
  • Armor: 92
  • Aviation: 88
  • Military Intelligence: 61
  • Air Defense Artillery: 53
  • Cyber: 40
  • Signal Corps: 38
  • Medical Service: 21
  • Transportation Corps: 18
  • Adjutant General: 16
  • Quarter Master: 16
  • Ordnance/EOD: 13/12
  • Military Police: 10
  • Chemical Corps: 8
  • Finance Corps: 6

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