Got $110K and want to be in a club?

Pennsylvania’s Cabot Guns has released (most) of their picks for the upcoming 2023 Gun of the Month Club Collection. Now the company, which has done this for the past three years, is the one that makes all those far-out 1911s crafted out of meteors, so keep in mind that they make above-top-shelf stuff specifically for collectors with deep pockets.

A club member, if selected, has to pay $110K but they get a limited edition 1911 shipped to their FFL each month, all with a theme. While that is a bit high– over $9,000 per gun on average– some of these actually look kind of cool.

Of course, in the words of Groucho Marx, “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.”

  • January – The Belligerent Rhone 9 mm – A loud yet elegantly functional bull barrel beauty
  • February – The Sandrin 1911 .45 ACP – The Fibonacci number sequence meets 1911
  • March – The Midnight Standard .45 ACP – A unique take on a favorite Commander pistol
  • April – Hunt Club .45 ACP – A collector-prized beauty with classic styling cues
  • May – The American Flair 1911 .45 ACP – An engraved collaboration with Master Engraver Otto Carter
  • June – The Bedside Demon 9 mm – An intense patterned stainless Damascus pistol
  • July – The Aristocrat .45 ACP – A class-ruling colossal 1911-style pistol.
  • August – Icon Royale .45 ACP.  Minimalism in 1911 in regal bold colors.
  • September – Apocalypse Deluxe 9 mm.  Mechanical innovation in our Vintage Classic finish.
  • October – La Arabesque .45 ACP – An engraved collaboration Master Engraver Lee Griffiths
  • November – The Hulk .45 ACP.  Hulk will smash expectations, two-tone, swooping serrations.
  • December – Top Secret.

January – Belligerent Rhone

February – Sandrin 1911

March – Midnight Standard

April – Hunt Club

May – The American Flair 1911

June – The Bedside Demon

July – The Aristocrat

August – Icon Royale

September – Apocalypse Deluxe

October – La Arabesque

Cabot November Hulk

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