Swimming with the Manta

Many feel that hammer-fired metal-framed pistols are better in every way when stacked against polymer-framed striker-fired guns. It can be argued that they have a smoother trigger, better aesthetics, and better build quality in addition to faster lock times and less felt recoil. It is no surprise that the trend lately has been for a slew of hybrid steel-framed and tungsten-infused striker-fired guns have hit the market to mimic that old-school feel.

Speaking of which, Tisas quietly added a bobtailed update to the company’s Duty B45B series this year, which in itself is interesting.

When it comes to the signature Ed Brown Bobtail treatment, with the heel of the frame cut to minimize printing– and maximize comfort– when carrying concealed, most 1911 models on the market that utilize it are of the more compact Commander-sized length, using 4.5-inch barrels. Well, Tisas already has that in the form of the 9mm Stingray Carry and Yukon Carry in 10mm.

What the Manta Ray brings is a blend of the Bobcat frame in a full-sized Government length format.

Tisas swam one of the new Mantas my way to check out and I got to admit, it feels and looks great– especially at the price (retails for $550 ish).

Keep in mind you get a forged steel frame and slide, cold-hammer-forged stainless steel barrel, Novak sights, skeletonized hammer and trigger, an ambi safety, and G10 grips for that price.

And I like the fact that they have kept the rollmarks low-key and minimalistic.

More in my column at Guns.com.

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