Stoner’s Baby Clocking in (with Browning, Piek, and Tokarev in support)

Spotted somewhere in Ukraine: a UAR-10 complete with all the afterdark party favors, a six-shot South African Milkor MGL 40mm revolver grenade launcher with an absolute stack of grenades, and an oldie but a goodie for close-in work: the Tokarev TT, pretty much a Commie clone of Browning 1900 in 7.62×25 pistol.

Of note, the UAR-10, essentially a Ukrainian Zbroyar-made branch of Eugene Stoner’s AR-10/SR-25 family tree that has been in production there for a decade, is a favorite there for precision use.

See the below, somewhat hyperbolic, take on the rifle in Ukrainian service.

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