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Anti-Tank Chat

The Tank Museum’s Archive and Supporting Collections Manager, Stuart Wheeler, holds class for about 15 minutes on the first anti-tank weapons seen on the Western Front, with emphasis on the Tankgewehr M1918, my favorite Mauser bolt-action!

As the owner of a (dewatted) AT4 and a Super Bazooka, I’m glad to see they are going to work through the AT weapons in their collection.


Man v. Tank

The 1920s and 1930s saw a rash of man-portable anti-tank guns: large safari rifles to kill early armored vehicles.

(As referenced by Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons with this sweet Granatbuchse GrB-39. You DO know Granatbuchse don’t you?)

As tank armor got thicker by 1940, these guns were laid to the side in favor of ‘zookas and other rockets which have remained the standard tank-killer (besides other tanks and dedicated CAS aircraft) since then.

But those iron elephant guns did have some interesting rounds!

Anti-tank rifle cartridges

Anti-tank rifle cartridges (from left to right): 7.92 x 57 (for scale), 7.92mm Panzerbüsche , 7.92mm Maroszek (7.92 x 107), modern .50″ Browning SLAP APDS (12.7 x 99), 13mm Mauser T-Gewehr (13 x 92SR), .55″ (13.9 x 99 ), 14.5mm PTRD,PTRS (14.5 x 114), Oerlikon SSG (20 x 72), Solothurn S18-100 , 20 x Oerlikon SSG-36 (20 x 110RB), Japanese Type 97 (20 x 725), Solothurn SI8-10001Lahti L39 (20 x 138B), Swiss Tankbüsche 41 (24 x 138).