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So, I Went Behind the Scenes at Magnum Research

During my summer trip to the Great North filming episodes of Select Fire for Guns.com, I spent some time at Magnum Research in Pillager, Minnesota, to see how Desert Eagles and BFRs are made.

Yup, that’s a .45-70 revolver…

Now part of the Kahr Firearms Group along with other lines such as Thompson and Auto-Ordnance, Magnum Research was established in 1980 in The Gopher State, and the company’s best-known product, the Desert Eagle, began factory production in 1984 with serial number 3,001.

Fast forward over 35 years later and the “Deagle” remains the company’s most popular firearm.


For more and the full factory tour, check it out at GDC. 

For those who like .44Mag, but want it in a semi-auto with less recoil

Magnum Research now has the all-new .429 DE, essentially a necked-down .50 AE, the .429 DE uses a sharp 30-degree shoulder with a neck long enough to hold a 240-grain bullet without set back under recoil. Capable of producing velocities in the 1600 fps range with 240-grain bullets (and 1750 fps with 210s), Magnum Research says the resulting cartridge has a 25 percent uptick in velocity and 45 percent increase in energy over a .44 Mag from a 6-inch barrel.

The .429-caliber barrels, to be released in a range of finishes, will be compatible with any MK19 or Israel Desert Eagle Pistol with a wide (.830-inch) rail on top of the barrel and uses a 50AE magazine and bolt.

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