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The Blues in review

Boeing recently put out this interesting 5~ minute clip covering the past 50 years of the Blue Angels’ aircraft showcasing the F4J Phantom (1969-74), A-4F Skyhawk (1974-86) and F-18 Hornet (1986-present) with the key being that McDonnell Douglas is a “heritage company” to Boeing. It includes some sweet aerobatics.

For those curious, the Blues started just after WWII with F6F Hellcats and flew Grumman “cat” series fighters for the first 23 years of their existence to include the F8F Bearcat, F9F Cougar/Panther, and F11F Tiger, but of course it would be a little faux pas for Boeing to mention Northrop Grumman, co-maker with Lockheed-Martin of the F-35, Hornet’s primary rival these days.