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Got CETME C Issues?

The Spanish started liquidating its huge stockpiles of 200,000 assorted CETME Modelo 58 7.62 battle rifles in the early 2000s, as, the Cold War was over and these rifles had been in arsenal reserve since they had adopted the more modern 5.56mm CETME Modelo L a decade prior.

Big fan of the CETME L builds out there, as they are often done very, very right. The CETME C, on the other hand…

Since then, tons of parts kits have flooded ashore and lots of builds made from such kits are available, some bad, some really bad.

Still, they are an easy way for folks to get into HK G3/HK 91 series guns on the cheap. Just be advised you often have to build (or rebuild) your own to get it to run right.

Speaking of which…

One of the neat things that have popped up off and on are full-up company/battalion-level CETME Armorers Kits with Apex having some back in 2018 for $299.

Well, it looks like Centerfire Systems has some that they just listed for the same price. As they include tons of small parts, specialized tools, and even trigger packs and furniture– all in a cool case– these could be well worth it for someone looking to build/rebuild a CETME C.