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1st Kings Regiment, with a Wombat 120mm recoilless rifle

I’ve always been a fan of the simple recoilless rifle that was the British Army’s B.A.T. (Battalion Anti-Tank Gun), an interesting 700-pound 120mm gun that would replace the Ordnance QF 17-pounder. Manned a three-person crew, they could fire 28-pound HESH shells, that were capable of defeating up to 400mm of armor, out to 1,800m. Nevertheless, even if it didn’t penetrate, a HESH had a terrific concussive effect on any vehicle. In short, the BAT could really ring a bell.

The Tank Museum has just published a great video lecture on the BAT, and its related L2 Mobat (without a gun shield, Mobile BAT), L6 Wombat (Weapon Of Magnesium BAT), and Conbat (“Converted BAT”) variants.

It runs about 16 minutes. Enjoy!