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Looking for a Reliable Little 22 Wheelgun that won’t Break the Bank?

For the past couple of weeks, I have been testing and evaluating Diamondback Firearm’s new .22 rimfire Sidekick revolver. It has a lot of curious things going on.

First, although it looks like a .22 Single Action Army, ala the Ruger Wrangler or Heritage Rough Rider, it is actually a double-action revolver with a swing-out cylinder. Further, it is 9-shot, rather than the more often seen six-shooters. Finally, it comes with both a .22 S/L/LR cylinder and a .22WMR cylinder that can be easily swapped out.


Best yet, the price on it looks to be in the $299 area.

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Looking for a Sidekick?

Florida-based Diamondback Firearms this week announced they have a new handgun inbound, a 9-shot, single and double action rimfire revolver with a swing-out, interchangeable cylinder.

Dubbed the Sidekick, in no doubt because, while it has “cowboy gun” aesthetics, the revolver uses a swing-out cylinder, comes chambered in .22 rimfire, and includes both .22LR and .22WMR cylinders. The Sidekick will initially be offered with a 4.5-inch barrel having 1:19RH twist, 6 groove rifling. The Cerakoted alloy-framed revolver weighs in 32.5-ounces and has an overall length of 9.875-inches.

Did I mention it’s a 9-shot DA/SA that will probably run about $299 at your local gunshop?

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Colt’s most underappreciated serpent

When it comes to 20th Century Colt revolvers, collectors have gone hot and heavy on magnum “snake guns” like the Python, Anaconda, and King Cobra, while the aesthetically-similar Diamondback often gets overlooked, making it more of a sleeper. Worse, it falls further through the cracks to a degree as it doesn’t have the noir appeal of Sam Spade-era guns like the Police Positive and Detective.

With that being said, the Diamondback was in production across three decades in both .22 and .38 format, and in 2.5-, 4-, and 6-inch barrel formats, making them capable of scratching a lot of itches.

And they looked great…

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