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Pythons in the News

Colt brought back the “fighting Python” in the 3-inch format last year, but only recently started shipping it

Besides the new 3-inch Colt Python quietly released in late 2022 by the now-CZ-owned gunmaker ($1499 MSRP, available in stainless only) but finally shipping this month, Lipsey’s also has a very upscale version that features premier-grade engravings by Tyler Gun Works and elkhorn stag grips. The ask on the TGW model is $2,400.

I saw the TGW Combat Python at SHOT and it is a looker for sure.

In other Python news, Uwe and the gang over at Royal Tiger Imports have lucked into a small batch of early-model Colt snake guns as part of their sweeping warehouse buys in Ethiopia. Apparently, some of Emperor Haile Selassie’s royal guards’s commanders liked to carry them for special occasions.

Of course, old Haile was deposed more than 50 years ago and these things have been stored in pretty bad conditions. (RTI)

Still, that hasn’t stopped RTI from getting some outrageous prices for these Horn of Africa Pythons and Serial No. 10 just went for a downright bonkers $40K on Gunbroker (after an already bananas starting bid of $4,999) even though it looks to have been re-barreled or at least partially reblued at some point, is in incredibly beat up condition, and now carries an import mark.