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You know FBP, yeah?

I’m a sucker for inexpensive milsurp parts kits and over the years have stocked up on Madsens, STENs in several variants, a Belgian Vigneron, StG58s, UZIs, Galils, AUGs, and CETMEs for a song. I haven’t ever built anything from them, but they are nice to have and I may eventually turn some into display guns or semi-auto builds. Alternatively, I could always pass them on to others as some have tripled or even quadrupled in price since I bought them years ago

Sparking my interest, I just saw these little gems at Apex, on sale for $99.

“FBP M/948 Display Gun project parts grouping, Non-Functional 9mm Submachine Gun, collapsible wire stock, NO trigger guard, bolt or recoil assembly, unfinished, assembly and fabrication required, painted steel, in Good condition.”

The Portuguese FBP was super interesting. A late 1940s design using a bit of the German MP40, mixed with the M3 Grease Gun, took STEN mags, and was able to take standard Portuguese Mauser bayonets, they picked up the name due to the fact they were made at the Fábrica do Braço de Prata weapon factory at Lisbon (a plant that also made HK G3s under license).

The FBP saw service during the Brush Wars in Angola, Portuguese Guinea, Mozambique, Portuguese India, and Portuguese Timor, and remained in use with the military well into the 1980s when they were passed into storage–replaced by the UZI and Franchi LF-57– then recently liquidated in favor of the MP5.

As detailed by Apex:

Sold as a grouping of parts.

  • Great parts for your dummy gun build!
  • Includes the end cap with sling bar, rear sight, wire collapsible stock, fire control housing, dust cover, barrel nut, front sling mount and magwell with trunnion and barrel (as pictured).
  • The magwell / trunnion will have a heavy steel dummy gun support tube welded inside, length will vary.
  • The barrel may or may not be functional, NO HAND SELECTION AVAILABLE.
  • Fire control housing may be missing small pins.
  • May show various wear, grime, dirt, rust, scratches, etc…
  • The magazine well will accept STEN magazines (available separately).

They even have some that are already assembled into dummy guns with a solid steel/aluminum BATF-approved dummy non-firing body for $199.