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Czech out this interesting ‘real-steel multi-cal blaster pistol

With a “Blade Runner”/”RoboCop” futuristic aesthetic, the FK Brno PSD pistol can move seamlessly across four calibers, including the very compelling 7.5 FK.

The PSD has a slender polymer grip frame and keeps the same layout as the Field Pistol. While its price tag – MSRP of $1,650 – isn’t cheap, it is still only a fraction of the cost of the Field Pistol and even comes in a good bit less than a new Deagle. It is not that much more expensive than some polymer-framed practical/tactical guns like the $1,500 FN 509 LS Edge (which wasn’t really that nice of a gun in my opinion.)

Roughly the same size as an M1911, it has better ergonomics with a slim grip that feels more like a compact 9mm, and, due to a 5-ounce frontend compensator counterweight and a slide that is beefier at its end than its nose, is supremely balanced and light recoiling.

Plus, there is the fact that it shoots 7.5FK, 10mm Auto, .40 S&W, and 9mm, all with the same gun, promising 100-yard accuracy.

More in my column at Guns.com. 

Deckard, is that you?

If this doesn’t spark thoughts of attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion or C-beams glittering in the dark near the Tannhauser gate, I don’t know what will.

(Photo: Chris Eger/Guns.com)

FK Brno recently sent me the above, their PSD Multi-Caliber Pistol. A single action, tilting barrel, positive-lock mechanism pistol with a patented recoil attenuating system developed specifically to handle the “potent and highly terminal 7.5 FK cartridge.” It comes with an extra dual-caliber barrel in 10 mm/.40 S&W or in 9mm. Contrary to its looks, it actually feels really good in the hand.

So stay tuned for more interesting posts on this bad boy.

The big Czech that may or may not be coming to our shores

In 2015, FK BRNO introduced their proprietary 7,5 FK cartridge/pistol combo, which is a very spicy 7.5x27mm pill on a very Bren Ten looking CZ75ish double-action semi-auto handgun with a few lessons borrowed from the FN Hi-Power. The bottle-necked 7.5×27 FK round, according to BRNO had been through some 150,000 test fires, and delivers about twice the energy as a 9mm NATO round out to (an optimistic) 100 yards with an optional buttstock attachment.

Shown off at the recent IWA Outdoor Classics trade show in Germany, the 7,5 pistol is a big boy, with a six-inch barrel and 46-ounce weight, or about the same as the old AMT Hardballer longslide 10mm, though with very Central European styling. Best yet, it has a 14+1 inch double stack mag on the beast.

It looks good for hunting (feral hogs come to mind, a task I use my own Glock 20 for), or as an offensive operations handgun such as the HK Mark 23 .45ACP (SOCOM)– though for such use you would want it to be suppressed which would be a challenge due to the high velo of the FK round.


Word on the street it that it is looking to be imported to the U.S. through a Florida-based company as well as to Canada, price TBD, but expected to be a lot.