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On FN’s Tactical Plinker

A few weeks ago, FN debuted a more “tactical” minded .22LR pop gun. Sure, sure, the company, through its Browning spinoffs, has been making rimfire handguns for generations but those preceding guns were all meant for Bullseye-type shooting. Sadly, Bullseye has been losing steam for decades and everything today is more, well, tactical, especially for those under 50.

Enter the FN 502.

I’ve been kicking it around for a couple of weeks and have 300 or so rounds through it both suppressed and unsuppressed as well as with and without a micro red dot installed. I have to admit, it is fun.

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FN Goes…22?

As I have mentioned a few times before, I really like FN’s 509 and 503 series pistols and have spent some extensive periods running them on T&Es over the past couple of years as part of my “day job.” I even got to go behind the scenes at FN’s factory in Columbia, SC back in 2019 to see how they are born.

I knew about the FN 502 back in December, when I saw the PTO trademark for the name filed. However, what I did not fully know this week, is that it is a hammer-fired .22LR!

A “tactical” gun built on the lessons learned and profile of the 509 (it uses the same holsters), the 502 includes an optics-ready slide and a threaded barrel, as well as a 15-round magazine option.

Yes, I have one inbound for testing! You know this…

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