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Hey FN, give us the Predazzer!

With the new FN HiPer set to launch later this month, one wishes FN would have brought some other designs off the drawing board.

For instance, check out René Predazzer’s FN Herstal-assigned circa 1994 patent (USD377077) for a very neat 5.7x28mm pistol that looks to have an abbreviated top-mounted mag similar to the 50-round slab used with the FN P90 PDW, a grip that looks like it was hacked off an English-stocked shotgun, and a bottom-mounted charging lever.

Perhaps it is a 30 or 40-rounder, which would give it a greater capacity than the FN FiveSeven pistol and still be much smaller than the P90.

Hopefully, the HiPer will be cool, but I doubt it will be this cool.

Meet 5.7 NATO

Designed in the late 1980s for use in Personal Defense Weapons, or PDWs, the 5.7×28 round was first marketed by FN in the early 1990s in its P90 PDW/P90S carbine and Five-seveN pistol. Since then, those guns have been adopted with military and police forces in more than 40 countries as well as sold extensively on the commercial market.

Now, some three decades after it was introduced, the Western defense alliance recognized the caliber under standardization agreement (STANAG) 4509, which integrates it into the AEP-97– NATO’s Multi-Caliber Manual Of Proof and Inspection.

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