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Going the Distance with the Plinker Glock

Some 16 months ago, Glock did something they had never done before: make a rimfire handgun.

The Glock 44: Like a Glock 19, but in .22LR

I was there in Georgia when it was announced, and a lot of people at the time were bummed out, wishing the company was introducing a new micro 9 to compete with the Sig P365, or perhaps a 9mm PCC Glock carbine.

Nonetheless, I ran a T&E on the gun for a few weeks, dumping a couple thousand rounds through it, and liked it enough to buy it.

I even wrote an extended article on the gun for the 2021 Glock Annual.


Well, with 9mm ammo in record low supply, especially at affordable prices, I have been taking the G44 to the range a lot in the past few months and have easily over 5K rounds through it.

It is really growing on me

My thoughts after the past 16 months of use in my column over at Guns.com.

The 2021 Glock Annual Just Hit

Glock’s 2021 Annual just hit the presses. Relax, they don’t cost anything and are available on the company’s site for free download. Just go here and look to the bottom left.

Like four or five articles in there are by yours truly (Glock is really slumming it these days, haha). Such as this one on the G44.