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So, I Went Behind the Scenes at Magnum Research

During my summer trip to the Great North filming episodes of Select Fire for Guns.com, I spent some time at Magnum Research in Pillager, Minnesota, to see how Desert Eagles and BFRs are made.

Yup, that’s a .45-70 revolver…

Now part of the Kahr Firearms Group along with other lines such as Thompson and Auto-Ordnance, Magnum Research was established in 1980 in The Gopher State, and the company’s best-known product, the Desert Eagle, began factory production in 1984 with serial number 3,001.

Fast forward over 35 years later and the “Deagle” remains the company’s most popular firearm.


For more and the full factory tour, check it out at GDC. 

India goes Negev for GPMG

Israeli-based IWI last week was named as the winner for a contract to supply the second largest army in the world with machine guns.

The Indian Ministry of Defence announced that IWI would supply 16,479 Negev NG7 light machine guns to the force at a cost of Rs 880 crore, or about $117 million.

Developed and designed with the Israeli Defense Forces in mind, the select-fire IWI Negev NG7 light machine gun was introduced in 2012. It has a weight of 17.41-pounds, providing a 7.62 NATO-caliber gun in a SAW-sized platform with either 16.5- or 20-inch barrel lengths.

Very nice

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IWI introduces civilian variant of X95 rifle

Israel Weapon Industries unveiled a semi-auto version of their X95 bullpup this week at the 2016 Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas.

IWI’s Tavor X95 first appeared last year and, as a select-fire weapon in 5.56mm, .300 Blackout and 9mm, was aimed at military and law enforcement sales. Now, with a legal semi-auto variant and interchangeable 16.5-inch barrels (17 inches in 9mm) similar to the SAR series, the X95 is ready for the larger civilian market.

IWI’s latest entry features a tri-rail forearm with three removable vented covers. Unlike the traditional Tavor, the X95 has its charging handle closer to the center of balance near the trigger guard rather than forward near the muzzle.

The carbine takes another step away from the Tavor by incorporating an ambi mag release that mimics that of the AR-15 series. The two-position safe/fire lever is on the left hand side of the gun for easy thumb actuation by right-handed shooters.

I must have shot 75 rifles on Industry Day at the range and this one was by far the most enjoyable. Great balance. Made head shots on a target 50 yards off all day. Nice ergos (once you get the mag right). Really dug it.


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