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Blackhats in the Field

Australians getting it done: A light company’s worth of Battlegroup Warhorse tanks from 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry) along with 7th Brigade troops (largely from 6RAR) of Battlegroup Heeler, at the end of Exercise Diamond Walk at Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area, Queensland, this past week.

Australian Army photo

On the 2/14 LHR M1A1 Abrams to the far left, note their assembled crews are wearing the Royal Australian Armoured Corps’ traditional black berets. They are one of just three active battalions in the regular Australian Army equipped with tanks and have a proud lineage that pre-dates the Army itself by some 40 years, going back to the Crimean War era.

Moving to the right, note the ambulance platoon, ~25 assorted M113AS4 APCs with their distinctive “one-man-turret” .50cals, and a host of support vehicles including M577A1 command vehicles, an M88 recovery vehicle, G-wagons, Boxer CRVs (a new sight in the Australian Army) and “Weaponised Truckies” making up the battalion-sized element. Really great layout.