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NYPD Finally Figures Out the 12# Trigger is Junk

Do you get the joke?

The New York Police Department is reportedly moving away from its long-held and much-loathed 12-pound trigger pull on handguns.

Recent field tests by the agency found that officers fire more accurately with a trigger pull of about 5 pounds. For over a century, police in the Big Apple have used the heavier 12-pound weight, even specially ordering its standard-issue Glocks with the so-called “NY-2” or “New York Plus” trigger, which uses a heavier spring that roughly doubles the pull from the factory-normal 5.5 pounds, giving it the feel of a double-action-only revolver.

While some have advocated for the heavier springs for defensive gun use, especially in the interest of cutting down on negligent discharges, they have also long been criticized as contributing towards poor marksmanship.

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