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Hattip to the Australians

For those otherwise occupied, 1 March 2021 was the 120th anniversary of the Royal Australian Army, the date when the six separate colonial military forces were amalgamated following the Federation of Australia, (although today’s Regular Army wasn’t formed until Sept. 1947).

If only Fosters wasn’t so horribleā€¦still, you have to give it up to a force that has carried Steyr Augs since 1988, although their government did deep six 30,000 beautiful inch-pattern FALs afterward.

There is armor under there…somewhere

1 ARMD, the 1st Armoured Regiment of the Royal Australian Army, last week celebrated their 69th anniversary, founded on July 4th (funny, right) 1949 but tracing its lineage to the Light Horse units of the Boer War and Great War, and various armored units of WWII. Part of the celebration and regimental parade included these two fine examples of Oz armor, an M1A1 Abrams AIM in a new Kryptek-like camo overlay, and a “shaggy dog” ASLAV-25.

1800×773 Click to big up

1800×783 Photo via 1 ARMD

Of note, the Australians have also been using some Saab Barracuda camo on their M1s lately.

(The Red Kangaroo is still there…)