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No more White Helmets

The Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team (RSMDT), also known as the White Helmets, will soon be no more. The group is an ode to the WWI-era dispatch riders of the BEF who carried important orders via primitive motorbikes of the day, often over broken country in some of the worst terrain imaginable.

Named originally The Red Devils and then the Mad Signals, the group was formed in 1927 from the Royal Corps of Signals.

Today the 30 volunteers of the group are still drawn from commo units and ride British Millennium Triumph 750cc bikes, touring “from April to September every year demonstrating all the personal qualities demanded of the modern Royal Signals soldier.”

An Army spokesperson said:

The Royal Corps of Signals have come far since using motorbikes to carry messages across the battlefield, and are now highly trained ‘Leaders in a Digital Age’ with expertise in cyber operations. This modernisation means that 2017 will be the last season for the iconic ‘White Helmets’ Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team.