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Now that is a Scorpion with a subtle sting

The classic Skorpion machine pistol dates back to the Cold War and CZ redefined that .32ACP room broom into a polymer framed 9mm a couple years back with the semi-auto blowback-operated CZ-USA Scorpion EVO.

Last year, the Czech Republic-based company added to the line with the Scorpion EVO 3 S1 carbine, which sports a 16.2-inch barrel and is offered with a faux suppressor built specifically for CZ-USA by SilencerCo.

However, 16.2-inches can seem so long on an otherwise handy pistol caliber carbine so SilencerCo has come to the rescue and converted a limited run of 35 Scorpions to short barreled rifles, complete with side-folding stocks and an  Omega 9K suppressor (delivers 131.5 dB reduction on 9mm) with a direct thread 18×1 mount.

How sweet it is.


More in my column at Guns.com

Moscow meets Utah

So SilencerCo dropped a new collaboration between Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics (perhaps the best AKs made in this Hemisphere) in which they take a RD501 5.45mm AK74 clone (semi, due to the Hughes Amendment, but with a 12.5-inch SBR barrel) and mate it to a Saker 556K suppressor. Of course, it’s $4K and there are tax stamps involved which are most likely not covered by that–but it’s sweet as a diabetic coma.

Rifle Dynamics and SilencerCo team up for limited edition AK pr0n 6 Rifle Dynamics and SilencerCo team up for limited edition AK pr0n 8 Rifle Dynamics and SilencerCo team up for limited edition AK pr0n 10 Rifle Dynamics and SilencerCo team up for limited edition AK pr0n 11Specs:
•    Saker 556K with Direct Thread Mount
•    12.5” Barrel Chambered in 5.45×39
•    Unique Summit Serial Numbers on Rifle & Silencer
•    Matte Black Finish on Rifle & Suppressor
•    Ultimak Railed Gas Tube for Optic
•    Made in USA Barrel with Black Nitride Finish
•    Made in USA Receiver
•    Classic Russian Red Handguard
•    Triangle Skeleton Side-Folding Stock
•    (1) 30-Round Magazine
•    Handcrafted, Collector’s Edition Reclaimed Wood Crate
•    Only (25) Limited-Edition Packages Available

Of suppressor deregulation and upcoming ATF changes

At SHOT Show this year I had a chance to throw some knives and hawks on range day and did so like shit. They were SOGs and, while I can make the excuse I wasn’t used to them and prefer my own edged weapons which I do throw much better, I still did miserably.

sog knives and hawks

However, I also did it right behind Josh Waldron, the co-founder and CEO of SilencerCo, the company that is like the Glock of suppressors. How big are they? They ship 10,000 cans a month, which is more than most suppressor makers ship in a year.

I had a chance last week to catch back to up him without the tomahawks and talk about various states dropping prohibitions against private suppressor ownership (42 states now allow it), hunting with suppressors (39 now allow it, up from 22 in 2011), potential deregulation of suppressors from NFA requirements via the Hearing Protection Act, and the impact that ATF 41F is going to have on trusts and CLEO requirements.

“We’re trying to make guns sexy again because they always really have been in this country,” Waldron said. “It’s been part of the fabric of the culture here but we want to make sure that that continues and so we’re trying to revive that.”

You can read the interview over at Guns.com.