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Scoring a 10: SIG’s XTen

SIG Sauer recently announced a new caliber option for its hugely successful P320 platform of pistols– the 15+1 capacity 10mm XTen.

It’s a serious handgun that provides a great option for sportsmen in the field or even in home defense. It really feels and shoots like a big 9mm, something that a lot of 10s can’t say. However, while lighter than a 1911 by a good bit, it is still every inch as long, wide, and tall, meaning that the XTen isn’t really an option for those seeking a compact concealed carry piece– but that isn’t what the gun was designed to accomplish.

I’ve been evaluating this big thumper for the past several weeks and have all the details in my column at Guns.com.

Catching Feelings for a Centimeter

As a 19th Century fella in an increasingly breaking down 20th Century meat suit, I feel like I cut my teeth on the classics regarding handgun calibers: .45 ACP, .38 Special, and .22LR. When I was in my teens, 9mm was still seen as kinda new, even though it had been around for 80 years, and the funs that fired them were high-tech and largely (except for those from S&W) European. Then came (and went) the 10mm.

It is 2022 and, while we don’t have jet packs and Mars colonies, 10mm has come back with a bang.

With that, I’ve recently added a new, Government Issue-sized, pistol to my T&E in-box, but it is in no way a M1911.

Left: old reliable. Right: The new Sig Sauer XTen, a modular new 10mm that runs the same size and weight but has a 15+1 capacity magazine, XRay3 day/night sights, and is optics ready.

Did I mention it is modular, with a fire control unit that can easily be swapped around to other slides and grip modules?

See why I am catching feelings?