Glock Shows Up on the FBI CT Team

Former members call it “The best job in the FBI.” It’s officially designated the Hostage Rescue
Team. The federal government calls it in when they have a sticky situation that involves high profile operations.

In the 1972 Munich Olympics, Islamic terrorists seized a dorm housing Israeli athletes and in the resulting botched efforts to free them, 11 coaches and athletes were killed. This incident as well as a wave of terrorist attacks throughout the world led to the formation of units like the German GSG, British SAS, and US Army’s Delta Force to take the fight to those who would attack innocents. With the 1984 Summer Olympics set for Los Angeles, and the US military forbidden from acting
inside the borders of the United States, the FBI started the Hostage Rescue Team in 1982. After 18 months of training the team, made up of 50 members, was ready for duty by October 1983.

Since 1983, they have taken part in more than 800 operations including the recent rescue of a
kidnapped 5-year old autistic boy in Alabama held by a killer in an underground bunker. Today the HRT remains the US government’s only full time law-enforcement counter-terrorism team. Unlike the well-known US Army Special Forces Group Delta and the US Navy’s DEVGRU (better known as Seal Team Six) who take the war on terrorism overseas, the HRT is the designated hitter inside the borders of the US itself. Based at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, actual strength is classified but is believed to be around 90 individuals in three rotating units.

They could choose any firearm in the world.

And lately, they use Glocks….

Read the rest in my column at Glock Forums

srt glock

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