Looking for a harrier carrier? England is selling their last one

With the impending retirement of the HMS Illustrious, Britannia’s last ‘harrier carrier’ next year, the vultures are already circling the majestic ship.

According to The Guardian

“The Ministry of Defence’s Disposal Services Authority (DSA) has today launched a competition which will seek innovative re-use bids to retain the ship in the UK, with part or all of it developed for heritage purposes.”

An industry day will be held in January for organisations “able to put forward mature and viable proposals, in keeping with the role and history of the Invincible class of ships”. That would be followed by a “full and open competitive process”, he said.

But Dunne added: “In the event that no suitable re-use bids with a heritage element are submitted, the DSA will open up the competition by seeking proposals for other uses or recycling.”


The 689-foot Lusty had served faithfully in the Cold War, Afghanistan, and evacuated civilians when both Sierra Leone and Lebanon went to pot.

Her two sisters, Invincible and Ark Royal, were both sold for scrap after museum prospects fell through. Since the RN sold the last Sea Harriers to the US Marine Corps, she has been helicopter only.


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