Enter the horsemen

The Italian cavalry has a long and rich marital tradition reaching back to the days of the Roman legions.

They held on to the tradition longer than most, fighting several horse-mounted engagements in the Second World War.

It was the 250-year old Italian 3rd Dragoons Savoia Cavalleggeri (Cavalry Regiment) of the Prince Amedeo Duke of Aosta “Fast” (Celere) Division that, while fighting the Soviets on the Eastern Front, made possibly the last great all-horse cavalry charge. That day in 1942, the three mounted squadrons of the Savoia swept over a Soviet infantry regiment’s positions and carried the day.

Other Italian horsemen, the Gruppo Bande Amhara, fought a losing war in the North African desert from their saddles

Lancieri di Montebello cerimonal troops

So it should come as no surprise that the Italian military has now re-equipped the 8th Cavalry Regiment “Lancieri di Montebello” with horses to be used by reconnaissance units in an upcoming NATO deployment to Kosovo.


Now the Lancieri, originally founded in 1859 as a horse cavalry unit but had switched to armored vehicles in 1942, has long maintained a troop of horsemen for ceremonial duties.

itlain army horses

But the Lancieri to be sent to Kosovo will very much be combat troops.

On horses.

Impetu hostem perterreo! Caricat!

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  • Hi, Just seeing if you have the source for the change back to horses anywhere as the link appears to be broken at the moment. Thanks a lot!

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