What to look for in a custom knife

I’m a fan of edged weapons. There, I said it. Pale chicks with crazy eyes, elegantly simple firearms, good whisky, and things that go slice are my top four favorite vices.

This one was made by my buddy Naert in France and passed on to me in trade for services rendered over there once  upon a time. Nice, handy, and super sharp, its really hard to beat.

beretta 22 with zippo and custom knife

Every big box store, sporting goods outlet and woodsman catalog is filled with legions of factory made knives. With that being said, there is nothing wrong with a well-crafted stock blade, but there is a certain masculine elegance in a custom knife.

The only problem is that there are some great ones that can be had for $100 or less, while conversely it is possible to buy a terrible one for ten times that amount. Here’s some tips to help pick towards the better end of the spectrum over in my column at 1816 by Remington.

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