Vintage quiet time


Julia Auctions has a super rare Winchester 1894 take down model with a special order 22″ rapid taper round barrel and half magazine that has been threaded to accept a suppressor. Now this is an old school gun with a 1920s Maxim silencer on it (yup, pre-National Firearms Act of 1934 back when you could buy them mail-order). They combo which is fully transferable is set for $10-$15K.

Why so expensive? Well as my homie Ian over at Forgotten Weapons points out, when the Maxim silencer was on the market, they only cost like $7 and the 1934 NFA establised a $200 tax on them so most people that had em dummied up or threw them out. So finding one that is registered and transferable is uber-rare. As such, you can bet 90% of the auction price is for the Maxim and not the lever gun, nice though it is.

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