Looking for a new AK pistol?

The milled receiver C39V2 AK pistol

Century Arms announced last week that the latest addition to their AK-style pistol line, abbreviated variants of their popular C39v2 and RAS47 rifles, are now available.

While both U.S.-made models offer a number of similarities– such as a receiver-mounted side rail, Magpul furniture, and RAK-1 trigger packs– the big difference between the two is that the more entry-level RAS uses a stamped receiver while the C39 incorporates a receiver milled from 4140 ordnance grade steel.

Another handy feature is that the pistols have QD attachment points at the rear of the receiver for attaching a sling, a departure from imported AK-style pistols such as the Zastava M85/92 series which require an aftermarket adapter.

MSRP is $909.99 for the C39v2 model and $749.99 for the RAS47 model, which go well past the typical ~$500 range that the M92/85 and I/O Hellpup guns go for and less than the K-VAR variants. Still, the M92/85s have a milled trunnion, and I understand the RAS47 at least is cast. When I drop in on Century next month in Atlanta I shall find out!

Anyway, if you want more info and pics, head on over to my column at Guns.com

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