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Lots of Fun with a Cheap .22

As a kid, one of my first actual cartridge guns was an old second (or maybe third)-hand Ruger Single Six, which back in the 1980s was a lot cheaper than what they are now. I probably put enough bullets through that little revolver to wear the rifling smooth. No pop can was safe.

Recently, I have kind of rediscovered that joy with a new single-action rimfire wheel gun from Heritage Firearms in Georgia– the Barkeep. An homage to the chopped down Sheriff’s Model and Storekeeper variants of the Colt Single Action Army, the .22LR Barkeep runs a 2.68-inch barrel while keeping a near full-sized grip. The short length deletes the traditional onboard ejection rod but gives the gun a kind of old-school snub-nosed look to it.

Sweet shooting and running about $180, it also accepts a .22WMR cylinder.

My review on the Barkeep over at Guns.com.

Looking for a new AK pistol?

The milled receiver C39V2 AK pistol

Century Arms announced last week that the latest addition to their AK-style pistol line, abbreviated variants of their popular C39v2 and RAS47 rifles, are now available.

While both U.S.-made models offer a number of similarities– such as a receiver-mounted side rail, Magpul furniture, and RAK-1 trigger packs– the big difference between the two is that the more entry-level RAS uses a stamped receiver while the C39 incorporates a receiver milled from 4140 ordnance grade steel.

Another handy feature is that the pistols have QD attachment points at the rear of the receiver for attaching a sling, a departure from imported AK-style pistols such as the Zastava M85/92 series which require an aftermarket adapter.

MSRP is $909.99 for the C39v2 model and $749.99 for the RAS47 model, which go well past the typical ~$500 range that the M92/85 and I/O Hellpup guns go for and less than the K-VAR variants. Still, the M92/85s have a milled trunnion, and I understand the RAS47 at least is cast. When I drop in on Century next month in Atlanta I shall find out!

Anyway, if you want more info and pics, head on over to my column at Guns.com