You call that a tank? That’s a tank (or 3)

Via The Tank Museum:

A line-up of three generations of Australian tanks.

The Matilda in the middle is the oldest. It was first acquired by Australia in 1942 and used against the Japanese in New Guinea and Borneo until the end of the Second World War. Heavily armored, they were very popular. The last Matildas were retired in 1955.

On the left is the Centurion Mark 5/1. These saw service in Vietnam, where they proved highly effective and resilient. Unlike most users, the Australians kept the 20 Pounder gun throughout its life. 117 gun tanks were bought, with the first arriving in 1952.

On the right is the Leopard AS1, new to the Australian Army at the time this photograph was taken. The first arrived in 1976 and a total of 90 were bought. They were painted green all over – the brown color is mud!

If only they had some Bren carriers, Ford Scout Cars, M3 Grant medium and M3 Stuart light tanks to go with it, then they could cover the old school early WWII Australian Armoured Corps as well!

Australian soldiers move through the jungle of Papua New Guinea with their M3 Stuart tanks

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