Fans of classic P210s may have something to cheer about

The Sig P210, derived from Charles Petter’s Modèle 1935A pistol in 1937 and improved on a number of points, is perhaps the nicest single-stack military-issue combat handgun to come out of the 20th Century (unless you are a well-tuned 1911 purist). The Swiss military and police adopted them for generations as did the West German GSG-9 anti-terror teams and Monaco’s ancient Company of Carabiniers. The gun has a downright cult following and surplus Swiss-made 210s go for big money (like $2K) while Sig Sauer-USA in New Hampshire has begun low rate commerical production (at $1,700) to fill the niche.

However, it looks like there could be a big cache of vintage 1950s-era P210s coming on the surplus market as Denmark, who bought some 20,000 of these sweet 9mms, had recently signed a $3 million contract for new Sig XCarry P320s.

Denmark chose the Sig P320 X-Carry to replace the Sig P210 pistols they have used for more than the past half-century. The latter of which in turn replaced the M1910/21 Bergmann and Lahti M40 handguns in 1949 (Photo: Danish Ministry of Defense)

Tentatively announced in Denmark a few months ago and confirmed by Sig this week, the X-Carry will replace all of the handguns in the Danish military and serve with the country’s Army, Navy, Air Force, and Special Operations Command.

The gun was tested in a month-long competition against the Glock 17 Gen 5, Beretta APX, and Canik TP 9 SF to replace the classic but obsolete Forsvarets M/49 “Neuhausen” pistol, the Danish designation for the Sig P210 adopted after World War II.

Danish Sig P210 Semi-Automatic Pistol (M49), 9mm, complete with classic 21-groove European walnut grips, and crown “HTK” markings to left side frame rail,

The Neuhausen has been a staple of the Danish military since 1949 and, while a number were sold surplus in the 1990s by Sig, the replacement by Sig– who is making more P210s as we speak– could be a good sign for collectors (Danish Ministry of Defense)

The P320 was the unanimous choice after evaluators ran the handgun through grueling field tests followed by accuracy, drop and safety tests. When compared against the legacy Sig, the X-Carry has more than double the magazine capacity (17 or 21 vs. 8) and the capability to use suppressors, tactical lights, lasers and red dot sights. In Danish service, the X-Carry will mount XRAY 3 night-sights, use an enhanced grip with deep trigger guard undercut, flat trigger and extended removable mag well.

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