Overlord actually isn’t that bad of a movie, all things considered

ICYMI, in theatres this month is Overlord, a hybrid war/horror movie. Produced by recent “Star Wars” boss J. J. Abrams, the film is really two movies spliced together. The first half is a general WWII tale highlighting a squad of 101st Airborne paratroopers (506th PIR) on a critical mission on the eve of D-Day. The second half pits said sky soldiers against not only dislikable Nazis but dislikable Nazi zombies.

In short, it’s like you are watching an episode of “Band of Brothers” and suddenly “28 Days” has clicked in, only with more gore.

As a fan of both war movies (just watched both “A Bridge Too Far” and BoB again within the past few months) and zombie stuff (um, what is the name of this blog?), I had to catch it and overall it is not too bad. More of a plot than “Dead Snow.” The CGI is on point as Abrams and Industrial Light & Magic were involved in the production. While it doesn’t bead out Romero of Peckinpah, it does a better job than you would expect.

Also, the hardware is pretty decent and correct. For reference:

One of the primary characters, Cpl. Ford, played by Wyatt Russell (yes, Kurt’s son), is a moody demo guy with a three-day beard who carries an M1 Thompson sub gun in .45ACP, an M1911 in the same caliber carried in an M7 shoulder holster, various fighting knives, and assorted Composition B. He notably does magazine exchanges in a few different scenes and carries the standard 20-round sticks for his Tommy gun in a five-cell pouch rather than the more flashy drum mags which typically were not used in combat.

Cpl. Ford, played by Wyatt Russell, shown getting some cover while using great trigger D in this production still. (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

For more on the guns and a little more review, head to my column at Guns.com

Also, for anyone that wants one, I have two (extra) Overlord posters courtesy of Cinemark. Shoot me a mailing address if you want one.

They are 16×20 and look great in the corner of the gun room.

(Garand not included)

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