Want a (new) PAP, M70, Tokarev or Mauser bolt-action rifle? Prepare to get happy

One of the coolest things I found at SHOT Show this week is when I visited with the guys at Zastava. The Serbian-based firearms giant has been a thing for 165+ years, producing cumulative millions of Mauser-Kokas, M24 Mausers, M48 “Yugo” Mausers, M59/66 SKSs, M70 AKs, you name it.

They have long been imported (Century Arms, et. al) and have found a following among Kalash fans for their PAP series semi-autos.

This guy…

Well, they have shaken off the bonds of working with second and third parties and have established a U.S.-based subsidiary to bring their guns right to the eager American masses.

And they look absolutely great.

Yes, that is a new-production M70A Yugo-style Tokarev in 9mm Para with a milled stainless frame

More in my column at Guns.com.

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