Sig is getting really close to marking 6th gen pistol territory

So in my mind, there have been at least five solid generations of semi-auto pistols.

The 1st gen was the experimental guns such as the Roth–Theodorovic, Mars, and Borchardt C-93.

The 2nd Gen were guns like the Luger, FN 1900 et. al that worked great on the drawing board and sold well but would prove lackluster under field conditions.

The 3rd Gen was the follow-on guns of the 1910s-1950s such as the Colt M1911, Walther P-38, Sig P210, S&W 39, etc. that were much better than their predecessors and are still often in circulation as new construction clones today.

Then came the 4th Gen double-stacks like the Browning Hi-Power, CZ 75, S&W 59, Beretta 92 and the like. These are now classic “old school” designs that are much-loved and will likely still be produced by someone, somewhere, for the next 50 years.

The 5th Gen guns are the plastic “Combat Tupperware” from the innovative HK VP70 through the Glocks of today and so forth. These are now standard.

Now, I really think we are in the 6th Generation.

We are now looking at modular framed guns that use swappable (serialized) fire control units to move from size to size to size. Formerly, the “gun” was the frame. Now, the frame is like Legos. Add to this the factory standard feature of an RMR cut and plate system on the slide for optics and it really is unlike past generations. Like it or not, optics on handguns are the way of the future.

Sig Sauer has really been pushing this with their P250 and follow-on P320 series guns, which have been adopted by the Pentagon as the M17/M18 Modular Handgun System.

Now, they have turned out a very nice compact gun in the line that has tons of high-end features– front and rear serrations, flat-faced trigger, optics plate with standard night sight rear, modular frame systems, double-stack 15+1 flush fit mags– you know, all the cool stuff that is often done after the fact.

Best yet, this gun, the XCompact P320, sports an overall length of 7-inches and weighs in at 25.3-ounces, which is the same territory as the Glock 19, the benchmark for a carry gun.

I dig it.

Have my name on “the list” to T&E one to see if they live up to my expectations.

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