A Frequent Wind Tomcat, at 44

A “Wolfpack” F-14A Tomcat from VF-1 operating from the USS Enterprise (CVAN-65), flying a combat air patrols over South Vietnam to provide fighter cover for the evacuation route used by American advisors and civilians as well as “at-risk” Vietnamese personnel from Saigon, 29 April 1975.

Note the Sidewinders…just in case a MiG pops up.

The newly fielded F-14A’s first combat action was Operation Frequent Wind, with VF-1 and VF-2 operating from the Big E. The last helicopter lifted off the roof of the U.S. Embassy at 0753, local, on 30 April 1975 carrying the rear guard of 11 embassy Marines out of Saigon.

During Frequent Wind, aircraft from Enterprise flew 95 sorties, most of those Tomcats.

An F-14A Tomcat of Fighter Squadron (VF) 2 pictured just after launching from the carrier Enterprise (CVAN 65). F-14s flew combat air patrols during Operation Frequent Wind, the evacuation of South Vietnam (1st PHX launch from CV: Bean Barrett/Wizard McCabe) Robert L. Lawson Photograph Collection NNAM.1996.253.7419.029

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