Early semi-autos pocket pistols still serving

While the very early 1st generation of semi-auto pistols such as the Bergmann–Bayard and Borchardt C-93 rightfully tanked within a decade due to faults in their design, the second generation guns, such as the Luger, Browning’s FN and Colt pocket guns, and even the Mauser 1910 and C96 Broomhandle still very much endure.

For anecdotal evidence of the above, check out this from the Silah Report’s IG page who came across this vintage Browning .32ACP in Syria recently. “This FN Model 1910 has seen much better days, but it still works,” they said.

On Armslist, you would see this listed as “Great Condition. No haggles. I know what I got.”

Of course, I am a bit biased. I still regularly shoot my FN 1910 and Mauser 1914 whenever I can. Both are very much older than I am– and I am no spring chicken!

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