The Greenland Beat

The Danish Ministry of Defense lately has been showcasing its military sled patrol in Greenland, Slædepatruljen Sirius. The 14-man unit is made up of volunteers who agree to two+ years of uninterrupted service in the frozen monolith that is the world’s largest island. There are no holidays or days off, with their leave accruing for when they return to Denmark.

Each Winter, the Sirius patrol sets out in six “fuppere” teams to scout the uninhabited northern coastline from station to station while two men remain behind on post. One such patrol, consisting of two Danish sailors along with their 13 dogs, covered 1,430 miles over three months in minus 40-degree weather.


Their arms? Glock G20 10mm Autos and the Gevær M/53 rifle…the latter being the good old M1917 “American Enfield” in .30-06.


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