Cuban-born micro submarine spotted in the wild

Esteemed submarine nerd HI Sutton of Covert Shores, writing for Forbes, covers a recent sighting of the rarely-seen Cuban midget submarine, Delfin.

Sutton writes, noting that only two images have surfaced in 15 years of the 65-foot home-rolled sub:

Delfin is Cuba’s sole submarine. Back during the Cold War, the Cuban Navy had three attack submarines supplied by the Soviet Union. But like most of their larger ships, these have long since been retired. Today the Cuban Navy operates a hodgepodge of vintage Soviet equipment, converted fishing trawlers with missiles and helicopters, and an array of improvised torpedo craft. The Delfin is the most impressive of these homegrown vessels.

More here. 

One comment

  • Isn’t any better for the Cuban Air Force either! In 2013, the Cuban’s tried to order replacement parts for their aging MiG-21’s, only to find out that the Russian Federation stopped producing them just after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989. Then they tried the PRC, only to find out that the PRC doesn’t produce Right-Handed pitch screws for their indigenously produced military equipment. Which left only the North Korean’s as a viable source. Then the vessel and it’s cargo (i.e. MiG-21’s) were seized while enroute to NK for trying to run the blockaid prohibiting direct trade with NK…

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