Russians dig up an old Torpedo Boat, type in dispute

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation last week posted a series of images from the Black Sea Fleet of salvage divers recovering a WWII (Great Patriotic War)-era duralumin-hulled motor torpedo boat from Quarantine Bay in Sevastopol.

This thing.

The MOD says the craft is a G-5 type scuttled in the harbor during the conflict. Importantly, the Black Sea Fleet had more than 90 of these fast (50+ knots) 61-footers, each capable of carrying two 21-inch stern-launched torpedos.

The G-5 in action, very wet boats.

However, some argue the boat is actually an even rarer Sh-4-type boat, the very similar forerunner of the G-5 series.

Two of these Sh-4 boats (No. 71 and No. 83) had been disarmed prior to the war but were still used for the vital task of blockade runners during the siege of Sevastopol and as landing boats for marines due to their high-speed and shallow draft. Likewise, they are both unaccounted for, having been scuttled in the harbor.

Either way, kinda cool.

Too bad they broke the stern.

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