Recasting history, Tirpitz edition

The Tirpitzhafen naval base in Kiel, along with the Tirpitzmole was the home port and docks for units of the Imperial German Kaiserliche Marine, the Reichsmarine during the Weimar Republic, the Kriegsmarine, the West German Bundesmarine and now the post-Cold War Deutsche Marine. During each, the historic name was retained.

About that.

The Marineinspekteur Vizeadmiral Andreas Krause has recommended the two Imperial-era names, along with their later WWII-era connotations, should be scrubbed and recast.

Tirpitzhafen would become Oskar Kusch Hafen, after the 26-year-old skipper of U-154 who was ratted out (perhaps falsely) by a junior officer for having been critical of the Nazis while on a war patrol and was subsequently executed by a naval firing squad on 12 May 1944 in Kiel with the blessing of Dönitz.

Oberleutnant zur See Oskar-Heinz Kusch

Likewise, Tirpitzmole would become Brandtauchermole, after Willy Bauer’s circa 1850 submersible, the first of many German submarines.

You pick the traditions you want to keep, I guess.

One comment

  • I have little use for traditions that are subject to the political whims and prejudices of each era, especially when they have little to do with valor or sacrifice.

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