M85NP Semi-Krink, drop bag edition

So in 2015, I was one of the lucky few who were able to pick up a Yugo-made Zastava M85NP PAP in 5.56/.223 Rem whose serial number range places it in the first 100 pistols built. Since then, it has been rock solid across about 2,000 rounds and, best of all, has an adapted magwell to accept standard AR-15 magazines.

Isn’t she pretty?

…I mean for a Serbian girl, anyway…

It has a 10.25-inch barrel (1:7 twist), hard nickel moly steel bolt and carrier, and 21.5-inch overall length. I really dig the standard hinged top receiver cover with krink pattern flip-up white sights and removable muzzle brake (26×1.5 LH thread).

Century used to import these from Serbia but stopped in about 2015. I bought mine sans SB-47

About the only mod I’ve done to it is to change out the grip out from the crummy plastic one to a Houge rubber grip and add a rear sling hook and Russian surplus strap. With the sling attached and used properly, this NFA-compliant pistol will go 100 yards all day– although it is loud AF.

I’ve also recently found that a surplus Russian Airborne Forces AK74U canvas drop case cover almost perfectly fits it.

And the sling hangs out if you want, making it still usable

Some men just want to see a shorty Kalsh in a canvas bag, I guess

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